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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 9, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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s. the nigerian military did have advanced warning of a boko haram attack that led to the abductor of hundreds of school. two politicians have told us from borno state, they were given 4 hours' warning but failed to act. the claim has been supported by amnesty international. from aguja, yvonne dega reports. >> could this have been avoidd sources have told al jazeera and amnesty international that nigeria's military ignored warnings that boko haram was about to attack this school. it left the islamic extremists
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free to kidnap more than 200 girls. just seventeen soldiers were on duty in the area where boko haram fighters turned up. >> out by the number of boko haram fighters and they had to flee for the their lives together with some other villagers who fled to the bush. and that is as shocking a revelation. we have been repeatedly calling on the nigerian authorities to provide add vequate security fo the people of nigeria an especially for schools because these schools have become vulnerable targets in the past couple of years. >> the nigerian government's slow response has led to proceed tests across the country. this was in lagos on friday. >> nigeria's president good, good, good has dismissed suggestions they have been taken to kamaroon. but he admits he doesn't know where they are. specialists are now in nigeria to help with the search. >> the nigerian government says
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it will investigate claims the military ignored warnings of an attack. if the claims are substantiated, it will likely deep en public outrage. he von dege, al jazeera. >> director of the news website viewpoint africa is in london joins us. mr. johnson, nigeria has sometimes been characterized of two halves, the north and the sou south. this was in the north. the government in the south. is this i candictive of a lack of attention or perhaps a lack of interest that the government may have had in making sure the people in the north were as safe as they could be? >> yes. david, you are absolutely spot on there. nigeria is split 2 two, north being muslim and south being christian. though that extent, boko haram has flourished in the north where the infrastructure has not been the best. a lot of people are impoverished and access to jobs is a problem. boko haram has literally enjoyed
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its popularity working on the margins of many of society in that part of nigeria. yes, the south is very much slightly better but ultimately, i would say that "goodluck jonathan" hasn't taken his eye off the of the ball, but. ents over the last many years have literally run and run with boko haram literally taking the upper hand. >> perhaps it means instead of not caring about what happens in the north, he may care very much but is unable to do anything. >> yes, unable to do anything. in many ways the security forces have failed him. the intelligence hasn't worked. the security forces sometimes they have gone with a sledgehammer approach when they have gone to some of the towns and villages in terms of an tagnizing the communities but ultimately not getting the job done, infiltrating the group has proved a problem. to that extent, "goodluck"
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jonathan's administration has been surrounded by this chaos of when boko haram has led for which there has been no answer. >> it is an extraordinary claim, though, isn't it in many ways that there may be incompetence as there is in an awful lot of administrations, there may be a lack of attention, but the fact that they were given warning and didn't do anything about it, did that surprise you? >> it absolutely did. i think it's a hughes lax for them to have known. many will say what on earth when they were to be protecting civilians? and boko haram taking such huge numbers of girls in the bush signals a failure at all levels in nigeria, the security forces, intelligence services, the government as a whole and many, one would say protecting life and property has not been the agenda.
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ultimately, "goodluck" jonathan has to take this seriously which i believe he is right now but the international community which are literally poised to assist him would make a difference. >> we thank you. that's ayahe johnson. thank you. seven people have reportedly been killed near the presidential palace in yemen. the latest in a string of incidents after a military offensive targeted al-qaeda strongholds. let's go there and the fighting.
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>> in the capitol, security forces have intercepted a car packed with explosives on the way to the capitol. wherever you go now, there are deployments, security forces, blocking main roads. they are pretty much concerned about al-qaeda taking the fight to the heart of the capitol. >> the bigger picture because if al-qaeda is coming into the heart of the capitol, there are other places where it is probably more entrenched. what do you know about the overall story there? >> reporter: it's a delicate situation, a very despisive
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moment. >> dormant cells have been active in aden and different parts of the country. this is exactly why security forces have been telling people to be viglant warning them about suicide bombing attacks particularly here in the capitol. thank you very much indeed. vladimir putin has come under criticism after flying into crimea for his first visit since russia seized the pec peninsula from ukraine. more now from lauren taylor in
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our european newscenter. david, the eu and u.s. expressed regret at putin's visit which coincided with celebrations marking the 1945 soviet victory over the nazis. he was addressing sailors and violence flared. government troops launched an operation against pro-russia separatists lead to go deadly classes. let's go to jonah hull. you were in maripol earlier. what did you see? >> reporter: al building that clearly suffered i am mention damage in what must have been a violent attack and a city on register. defense likely to be a angincendiary day, this victory day as many gathered, thousands here in donetsk to celebrate soviet victory over the nazis in world war ii. trouble when it came came as you said from the southeastern port city of mariopol on the black
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sea about 100 kilometers from the russian border where at about 10:30 in the morning, gunfire erupted as units of the national guard converged on a pleaolice station. the precise circumstances of what happened there abothere ar still unclear. here is my report >> reporter: the fire burned well into the afternoon. the police building near the center of the city of mariopol had clearly been hit by heavy caliber weapons. on the ground, traces of blood. and bodies, at least two still there. this one, a policeman. this is amateur video that we collected at the scene. what happened here is extremely unclear. a ferocious fire fight no doubt but nobody seems to know who was shooting at whom or why. >> according to official reports from the government units of
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ukraine's national guard moved in after 60 people armed with automatic weapons had tried to seize the police building. they had apparently fought with police inside the building. witnesses said that as the national guardsmen retreated with their armored fighting vehicles, they were followed by an angry crowd. by late afternoon, there was relative calm at the barricades set out with the nearby city council building reoccupied by pro-russian protesters only this week. at a checkpoint on the outskirts of town, ukrainian police and soldiers kept close watch. >> jonah, there are competing versions of what happened. do we have any further clarity now? >> reporter: not a great deal to be honest, lauren. we still have two different versions of the casualty toll, for instance, local records suggest that three people were killed and 25 injured, and then there is the government report, of course, coming directly from
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the interior minister, himself, arseniy yatsenyuk writing on his facebook page as he does when he gives his updates saying 20 of the so-called terrorists inside the police building were kill in the operation. four were taken amp. he pressed the point that this antiterror operation so-called by the government that's been ongoing here in the east will continue against centers that are occupied by armed gun men. he said there will be only .1 answer to those who attack us with guns. we will fight back. and so, lauren, victory day has passed here and another flashpoint city has opened up in the east just two days before this region holds a referendum on independence. >> jonah thanks very much indeed. live in donetsk for us. the united states has condemned shred mirrvladimir peatn's goin
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ukrai . /* this report on putin's visit >> reporter: sailing past russian warships, president schi scla slad mirror putin attending victory day celebrations in moscow. as expected, he alluded to the annexation of crimea just two months ago. >> i am sure that 2014 will go down into the annals of our whole country when the nations living here decided to be together with russia. >> the president also got to see an air parade featuring fighter jets and helicopters. earlier in the day, a larger than usual march featured vettrann veterans watched by tens of thousands of people. >> victory day is a big deal across russia, but here in severastopo severastopol. they are celebrating the fact
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that crimea is now part of the russian fedderation. >> many spectators drew parallels to the breakaway as well. >> now, i understand what they felt during their victory day and when peace returns to ukraine, we will celebrate their victory day. >> the day is point janet for veterans like i have a n who served in world war ii. he is proud people remember that era but he is thinking about more recent events here. >> crimea became russian without the use of any force. there have been stories about people with arms. it's all nonsense. >> for russians, victory day is a chance to commemorate the defeat of fascism. many people believe a similar struggle is underway in ukraine. the appearance of their president made this pat tree on theic occasion especially imports. al jazeera, servastopol. >> the russian president, after
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attending victory day celebrations in moscow. putin told the invited audience in red square that may 9th the, the day germany surrendered. to russia at the end of the second world war was the day of the national triumph. he said it was a reminder of the importance to be able to stand for the national interests. i will be back with more from europe late this hour, including sereavo's iconic city hall reopens 22 years after it was destroyed by serb shelling. >> also on the news hour, the downfall of the prime minister wasn't enough. the protests now on the rest of the shinowat government to leave office, too. south africans have spoken. the anc wins again but not as convinci convincingly as in other elections. we have the support and more problems for the formula 1 seb after the i can't vettel and with that, the rest of the sport in about 30 minutes.
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at least 15 people have been killed and dozens more have been hurt in violence in the besieged iraqi city, fallujah. the military has been shelling fallujah for two days as part of the fresh assault to regain control. we get the latest now from our correspondent, imran khan. what do you know? >> i can tell you that the operation started at midnight on thursday night. iraqi army went in from two different directions. they used the southern and eastern entrances, the idea being they could cut off the islamic state of iraq and the anti-government tribunal fighters. however, that didn't happen. they faced very stiff resistance when they tried to go in through the two entrances and were effectively beating back. so what they did when the iraqi army beated back and started shelling the city. once iraqi police and hospital
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sources, what they have told is that there are 15 people who have died are civilians and 28 injured are civilians. so now, they are in a position back from the outskirts of the city and have been in that since the operation started in january. >> iman, i want to ask you, as you say, since it all began in january, the anti-government groups, whether it be the isil or others have pretty much held sway and have been pretty much untouched in most cases. so why has it taken so long for this major military offensive? >> reporter: firstly, there is political consideration here the iraqi army are reluctant to go in without the help of tribal fighters that are pro-government and the tribunal fighters say, allow us to go in. it will be easier. we know the city. we know the way. we know a way around, also, because we are from the same tribe. we are from the same sect as the sunni sect. we will have a higher chance of
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success. so there is a political consideration there as well. also, the iraqi army are seen as being a sectarian force by many of the isil fighters. they say that there are a shiia army that's coming in and it's a big political consideration. it's the kind of spot many may tip the country into sectarian violence. more operational considerations to take into account as well. it's not just fallujah. you have ramadi as well, the western desert. it's a very big operation and that border with syria is completely open in some parts where isil fighters are able travel between the two countries. so, it's a very big operation, but geographically, and it has political considerations as well. >> thank you. imran khan in baghdad. hundreds of syrians have returned to the old city of homs to take a look at the damage which has been caused by more than three years of fighting there. most of homs, once dubbed the
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capitol of the ref solution, would appear to be in ruins. it's now under government control again after the last opposition fighters left as part of a truce. many of them have had an emotion reunion with their families. mohammed vall reports. >> yeacheers of joy, rebels whod held homs for three years, the fighters in the countryside of homs it took months to negotiate this deal between the rebels and the syrian army. three years of fighting and t ruins. tens of thousands of starving civilians left the war. the army is redeployed in the city. in aleppo, rebels allowed trucks with relief supplies to reach two localities. a surrender of homs seems to add
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to the list of victories in its war with rebel forces. rebels see it as a tactical retre retreat. they were able to leave. neither the rebels or the government consider this a peace deal or even a truce. fighting in many parts of syria continues. mohammed faad, al jazeera. south sudan's president and the rebel leader said to hold their first face to face talks since the conflict began in december. both sides have accused one another of breaking a fragile truce signed in january and the rebels are now accusing the government of launching more attacks in unity state. >> we are receiving information, reports of violations. so we are taking this opportunity to inform the world that the president is not serious about political solution
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to the conflict. he believes in a military option. >> that's why his forces are on offensive everywhere. united nations social security accusing both sides of crimes against humanity including mass killings and gang rapes. fighting broke out in december after president kia sacks his /*. fighting had as been along ethnic lines. thousands of people have lost their lives. an estimated 5 million are in desperate need of aid. the meeting the supposed peace talks with taking place in eiththiopi ethiopia's capitol. here is more >> reporter: signing ceremonies expected to take place really soon, as i say, and this has been some sort of breakthrough in consultations with both the
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president of south sudan and riakrosha. they are having negotiations. now, the draft agreement which we had the opportunity to see spoke of two main issues and an immediate cease fire and a stop to all of the conflict that's going on south sudan so that humanitarian aid can reach the people who were displaced in different parts of the country and who really need help. again, also, the issue of finding a final solution to the conflict that is a political solution. the mediators are put in the shape of a transitional national government which not only brings the parties in the current conflict but all parties in south sudan, all political parties in south sudan. . >> the african con congress with 99% of the ballots counted, the ruling party secured 62% of the
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vote. >> is down, though, on the last presidential election. the anc has dominated politics since the end of apartheid in 1994. tanya page has more from pretty pretoria. >> the anc has a victory but they are conscious that they have slipped in their share of the vote. lined a van zulu wants to figure out where they lost those supporters, where they lost those voters. she said she will go over all of the provincial results to figure out where that happened and what the key issues are in those areas. but she said, they have been delivered a strong mandate to push ahead with their national development plan, a massive infrastructure investment plan to create growth and to create jobs. the other big success story of the election is the democratic alliance, reaffirming its place as the country's official opposition party with just over
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22% share of the vote that's 30% more than the last election and, of course, the newcomer, the economic freedom fightersr or eff, they campaigned on some very radical policies nationalizing the country's farms and banks. they are sure to be a dynamic voice in parliament over the next five years. the one number that all of the parties are pleased about is the voter turnout. over 73% of registered voters in south africa cued up, many of them for hours to take part in theirferen fledgling democracyq them for hours to take part in their fledgling democracy. >> the army's latest push has displaced thousands of members of one of the country's last in did i know nus tribes. a report now >> reporter: these are the last
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remaining indigenous tribes of the philippines whose culture remains intact. they are considered the keepers of the southern rain forest. now, they are homeless. driven from their homes after the philippine military launched an offensive more than a month ago against communist rebels believed to be hiding in their area. over a thousand are now forced to live in evacuation camps and they are angry. >> translator: the military should leave our villages. there are no communists here we are not communists. we need to go back to our homes, plow our fields, swim in our rivers. >> the conflict involving communist rebels in the philippines is one of the worldest longing running. tennessee of thousands of them and civilians have been killed in decades of fighting. over the years, the group set up political parties in congress engaging in peace talks with previous governments but these have largely failed.
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in 2010, approximately kino renewed talks with the leftist rebels but a breakdown of negotiations led to more fighting. the military denies it has caused most of the displacement of villagers here it says although offensive against communist rebels in the area is ongoing, the priority has always been to secure the communities. an estimated 5,000 communist fighters remain active across the country. despite continued military offensives, the group is stim recruiting in far-flung communities like this one where people are poor and largely neglected. we have been operating here for so long, we have never had such mass evacuations. somebody en kaurnlinged them to leave. the leftist rebels have strong influence on them. >> these people say they have little to do with it.
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the longer they are displaced, the longer they are vulnerable. >> for generations, they have become casualties and they say what they want is to be able to live in peace. jamala, al jazeera, southern philippines. . >> stay with us on the newshour. we have this coming up. inside the car, italy's former prime minister doing his first community service at an old people's home. we will take a look at sar serejvo. >> the new out door athletic season is underway. it hasn't gone well for one of running's brightest new stars.
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... this is the system people want to believe
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that the justice system works. people wanna believe that prosecutors and police do the right thing. i think every american needs to be concerned about that. we do have the best justice system in the world, in theory... the problem is, it's rum by human beings... human beings make mistakes... i'd like to think of this show as a watch dog about the system... to make sure justice is being served. wrongful convictions happen, we need to be vigilant. with our personal liberties taken away from us, it better be done the right way. is justice really for all? the top stories on the newshour, the nigerian military had advanced warning of a boko haram attack that led to the
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abductor of hundreds of school girls. two politicians from bor thrown out -- -- that say security forces were given four hours' warning. >> the latest in a string of incidents after a military offensive targeted strongholds in the north. there has been renewed fighting between ukrainian troops in mariopol. several people reported to have died in clashes outside the police headquarters which was set on fire. those anti-government protesters in thailand who have been so vocal have been gathering once against across the capitol not content with just the removal of the former prime minister yin ying luk, shinowat and say they
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won'ts give up. our correspondent in the thai capitol. the main leader of the anti-government movement has called this the final push. he said this before and the tactics are the same. he's urged supporters to march on the various sites in the city, the parliament, prime minister's offices and several television stations. i am here to kick them all out because the cabinet ministers are still here. i want them all gone. >> the protesters have been largely peaceful although police fired tear gas as a group who were trying to force their way into a government compound in north bangkok. a court recently forced yin ying luk shinowat after finding her guilty of abuse of power. one of her deputies has replaced her as interim leader but protesters still see him as a
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proxy and a former prime minister who was ousted in 2006. they have been holding demonstrations in the capitol for the past six months. bangkok's largest park has been turned into a camp, home to protestors from all over the country. >> some of the protesters have been camping here since early this year. many say they will stay for as long as it takes until they see a change in government. >> the caretaker government wants to hold elections in july. the parties had won since 2001, largely because of the populist policies. protesters say polls will not solve the political crisis. >> they want to put in place an unelected government who will be entrusted with reform before elections are held. pro-government supporters say
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that is undemocratic and will hold a counter rally of their own on saturday raising the stakes in thailand's protracted powerplay. florence lee, al jazeera, bangkok. >> in egypt, police have fired tear gas at protesters outside a university campus in cairo. five students have reportedly been arrested for demonstrations against military rule, alleged police abuses and the presidential elections coming up soon are taking place in a number of cities and towns. and still, three al jazeera english journalists are held in an egyptian prison, now for 132 days. peter gresta, mohammed farmi and bahmahama accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. it has been declared a terrorist organization by egypt.
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alshami is said to have been on hung are strike for 109 days. al jazeera rejects the charges and it demands their immediate release. >> libyan authorities have released more than 100 syrians who were caught trying to enter europe illegally. families who have been fighting in their own country now fear violence in tripoli having paid thousands of dollars to make a perilous boyt journey from north africa. a report from the coastal town in western libya. >> he and his family fled the war in syria over a year ago. he came to live and work in libya, but he says tripoli is unsafe. he has been mugged several times. he his family was captured along with others near the coastal town west of tripoli. they were trying to get to europe illegally. >> i will keep trying to reach europe whatever it costs, even if it means my children and i
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die. we need to live in dignity or die together. i am not going back to tripoli. i have had enough >> translator: we are putting our blood in our hands here and in syria. if we die, god will have mercy on us >> reporter: they are not alone. about 140 syrians were caught last week while waiting for the smugglers' boat. they refuse to talk, hiding their faces because they fear for their families in syria. they fled the fighting in their country and now flee the violence in misi can't. some pay smuggers to be taken to lampadusa. most know they could drown on their journey. this man said he will take his little girl and pregnant wife with him. he says it's worth the risk. >> these illegal immigrants are being released t. they have been kept here for four days. now they are released after
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signing a piece of paper that guarantees they will not attempt to cross to europe again. >> reporter: >> reporter: the town of choice for smuggle, the nor'easter pointed to italy, depending upon the weather, the crossing to lampadusa takes less than 10 hours. local officials say for people smuggling has become a problem for them. >> translator: we don't have official numbers but between 600 to 700 illegal immigrants a day reach italy. this is causing a problem for us because it could impact our security. the government and the eu need to do more to stop it. >> as these syrians are set free, some of them are probably planning their next attempt to reach europe and start a new life. back to london now and more news on europe with lauren. thanks, david. italy's navy has rescued 4,362 migrants in boats in waters off
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sicily in one week. those picked up including pregnant women, children and a newborn baby. the de for deck assessed, my grant have risked their lives to reach italy in small boats. the problem has ballooned since the arab spring. italy's former prime minister is has started community service helping alzheimer's patients at a home for the elderly. he was ordered to spend 4 hours a week at the old people's home instead of serving a 4 year jail sentence for tax fraud. he lost his senate seat because of the conviction. he is still a political force to be reckoned with. >> a 4th time prime minister and now, a first time convict serving the community. on friday, he started his one-year sentence for tax fraud at this home for the elderly in the outskirts in milan. security guards, for once, had
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to wait outside. he will have to come here for at least four consecutive hours a week for the next 12 months, helping elderly patients affected by alzheimer's, a measure that is dividing italians. after his arrival, this protester called for him to go to prison instead and was escorted out by security. but these neighbors thing he is a victim of conspiracy. >> i always voted for him and will continue to vote for him or his descend abts because he deserves itnts because he deserves it. >> he will be allowed to travel to rome from tuesday through thursday to continue political activity. despite the sentence and the consequent expulsion from the senate, he is still the leader of the biggest center right party in italy. the latest poll shows after 20 % of italians will vote for him in the upcoming european elections making his party the third biggest in italy. local journalist said he is surprised at how little the
2:40 pm
sentence has dented his popularity. it's rare to find a prime minister who has been sentenced for tax fraud, who is now doing community service, who at the same time remains a big player in politics. i am surprised by the reaction of the italians. >> in the days leading up to friday, bell skobelosconi has continued to criticize the magistrate, calling the community service ridiculous. they warned him if he continues to defame them, they will revoke the community service and force him to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest or in prison. claudio van, milan. a woman has been arrested at london's heathrow airport on suspicion of conspiring to committee female general tam mutilation. she just arrived from sierr sierra leon. a 13-year-old girl has been taken into the care of social services. british police have aimed a week
2:41 pm
lo program. there has only been one prosecution. >> yes need to be understand it is against the law. it is a violent act of child abuse and we need to stamp it out. flights coming in to heathrow today, they will be flights coming in from sierra leon and nigeria. we will talk to passengers with the view to identify any children who have been subjected to it, identifying anybody who has committed it or who has planned fgm, arranged it and also to further the education of people so that they are aware and very clear that this is child abuse. >> a german banker who said he was bribed has been given evidence the formula one driver at his corruption trial. he is country serving an 8 and a half year prison sentence. he said he was blackmailed into making a payment to the banker. >> 22 years after it was
2:42 pm
destroyed by serb shelling, city has has been restored to its glory and is reopening. the moorish building is home to the library and is considered a symbol of the city >> reporter: remembering the night when he and his fellow fire fighters received word that city hall was alight. by the time they came, the land mark building had turned into a fireball. >> it was a very difficult moment, a very painful one for me. it was late at night. we couldn't see anything. we managed to enter the building through the front door. roof was in flames. the supporting pillars were about to collapse. >> bosnian serb cities bombed the city hall. fire fighters believed believed bombs had been used and it was nearly impossible to extinguish the flames with water. >> one thing that i still remember was a woman who had run across city hall. she was crying. i walked up to her and asked her
2:43 pm
why she was so sad. she told me, a part of sarejvo is burning. that was a difficult moment for me. >> the building housed the city's library with a rich collection of books and manuscript. by the time the flames were put out, two million books and pricelekless man sue scripts had turned to ashes. >> it was definitely one of the biggest losses to cultural heritage ever. >> builts during the late 19th century. it was a library, a favorite haunt of university students until the war broke out in 1992. after more than 20 years and millions of dollars of restoration work, the famed city hall is once again opening its doors to the public. al jazeera. that's the news from europe. back now to david. thank you very much indeed. china is promising some countries in africa help to build high-speed remembailways, airports and power stations.
2:44 pm
china's league now says large infrastructure projects will help promote stability across the continue nent. jane ferguson with more from nairobi, the last stop on thele tour. >> these students are singing in mandarin, preparing to perform for china's prime minister. they are aware of how important his visit is for kenya. >> i studied mandarin for two years now. >> they hope to turn hard work into jobs with chinese companies based in kenya. >> this is one of the good opportunities we have to get a career or even employ people. it's just sensational. >> their teacher is excited, too. >> we encourage them to go to china and come back because we realize that actually, there are so many opportunities for them ranging, you know, we have so many companies being established here in kenya and realize that
2:45 pm
the chinese people want local people to be able to speak the language. >> many students at nairobi university see their economic future tied today china. >> the place where young kenyans come to learn mandarin is not just one or two classrooms here at nairobi university. it's an entire institute. all of the classrooms are labeled in chinese. there is a lot of evidence of chinese culture in these corridors. on the stairway is a clear indicator of why so many young kenyans want to learn mandarin. there are many photographs of kenyan business people in china selling their products. china has been building business ties across africa for years with deals in mining, construction and trade. >> china has also been building its soft power with media outlets across the continent. >> now, they have included environmental... >> some warn that current trees like kenya need to maintain
2:46 pm
business relations with a range of countries. >> the importance of multilateral approach to engaging in other countries is that it leaves the businesses and their relationship, the kind of what you would call a cushioning as things go bad. >> but for a new generation of ken kenya's professionals, their dreams are in the east. jane ferguson, al jazeera, nairobi. >> china is looking out always for new and innovative ways to stay in touch with the major global markets. it's now proposing a new way of getting between beijing and new york city. it is a brand-new high speed rail link, yes. according to chinese state media, the proposed line called the china to russia plus the united states line will stretch a colossal 13,000 kilometers which is longer than the trans sigh beerian expressway, the world's longest.
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it would head up through the rural northeast up into siberia in russia before entering a tunnel underneath the bearing strait. it would have to be 200 kilometers long. it would cond overland through canada and down to the east coast of the united states. a few fancy taking a ride. the whole trip will take about two days and that is just one way. it is, of course, a long way off at the moment. >> still to come in this news hour which german football club is facing relegation for the first time in its history. we will have that and the rest of the sport in just a minute or two. >> techknow...
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>> we're here in the vortex...
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only on al jazeera america . sport time on the newshour. >> thank you very much t a biggest hint that he will run for a 5th term of fifa, the 78-year-old who has held the role since 1998, a swiss newspaper, my mandate has ended but my mission is not finished. he was re-elected in 2011 after running unopposed. he said this would be his last terminex elections will be held in june, 2015. this has been reported by the swiss media perhaps surprising that he has gone so far in front of swiss executive it is at a meeting that he has come out and
2:50 pm
he's really talking about a man date coming to end but my mission is not yet completely. this is a man who wants a term that will take him up to the age of 83. we should cautious as well. it's not that much further than he has gone. he said i need good health. i don't see why i should think about stopping the work about the consolidation of fifa. he has changed his tune. originally the fourths term would be his last one. now it looks like he wants to carry on. with seats missing, the stadium where the opening match of the world cup will be played is very much a work in progress. brazil's president has at least been out to take a walk around the venue with construction workers rather than footballers for company. it was a day for smalls when the president was on hand for an official opening.
2:51 pm
this was an inauguration in name only. the eyes from the football world will be on this stadium for the opening match of the world cup between brazil and croatia in less than 35 days: the 65,000 seat venue, the cost of which jumped to nearly $500 million has a pitch that is ready for international matches but look closely and little else is ready for the spotlight that is about to be shown upon it. heavy machinery is being used to lift seat can in the place. much of the interior work is close to being done. construction workers still scurry about. >> but it's here outside the stadium that you can really get a feel for how much work needs to be done to get this stadium world cup ready. some people look at scenes like this and say the state yumd will get done. others say it's going to be impossible. we will find out in just a few short weeks. >> temporary seating is being put into place for added
2:52 pm
capacity during the world cup, but it's little more than scaffolding right now. ground level, there is still moving earth, perhaps symbolic of the heavy lifting still needed to be done. on the same day russet was in sao paolo, a construction worker was killed, electrocuted working on the stadium. bringing to 8 the number of workers killed in construction accidents at world cup stadium projects. but in sao paolo fans of the crin they areians ball who will call it home after world cup remain optimistic. >> certainly the stadium is ready. i have been following the construction progress since it was just an empty field. i am confident. >> we only need to finish the exterior. i think it will be done in 10 days. it's only the finishing that remains despite scenes like this, they are hoping their predictions are true come the
2:53 pm
opening match, any delays will then not matter. gabriel lazandro, sao paolo. >> saturday will be the final day bundes league season. the focus from the bottom of the table in hamburg facing relegation for the first time, the six time german championships need to avoid automatic regulation. the only club that's featured in every season of the bundes league since it started and the other clubs in the bottom 3. >> setting the standard for the spanish granted ', the quickest in friday practice, not such a good day for this man, defending world champion who has yet to win a reduce race this season, a wiring failure meant he was p unable to take part in the second practice session.
2:54 pm
he had to hitch a ride back to the pit lane. >> tennis world number 1 rafael nadal has ended his worst run on clay for a decade in monte carlo in barcelona, third time lucky a spot in the sem ease at the open. he will face baptista. >> this season, happy for that. in the semifinals here in madrid very important week for me. a positive result, for that, thomas and a story. this advancing to the final fourth, a victory over lenar. shar shar hopes to be boosted by the news that sarina williams is
2:55 pm
out. she pulled out with a thigh strain. >> the out door athletic season is officially underway. doha, the venue for the first diamond league meet for the year. an incredible indoor season, february saw the 23-year-old ethiopian breaking the 1500 and 3,000 meter indoor world records. but she faded badly in the 3,000 meters here at kenya. bear lin winning back in 6th. with kenya's david radisha struggling, the men's 800 meters was won by mohammed aman, winning gold, recent world indoors and took last year's 800 world title in the absence of radishu. more sport for me later on but that is it for new. >> later. thank you very much indeed. we are talking now about researchers in new zealand who found a simple but effective exercise they say that could help millions of type ii
2:56 pm
diabetes patients. our science reporter explains >> reporter: more than 300 million people in the world suffer from type ii diabetes. they have trouble regulating levels of ince lin that provides energy to cells. this affects sugar levels in the blood and also body weight. where size is an important part of managing the condition. the typical recommendation is at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. now a study revealed exactly how that exercise can be most effective. >> researchers tracked blood sugar levels during different intensities and durations of walking exercise. some days, their subjects did 30 minutes of moderate intensity walking before dinner. other days, they did six one minute bursts of high intensity exercise three times a day, half an hour before each meal. they found the high-intensity bursts were most effective reducing blood glucose levels by
2:57 pm
12% across the entire day. aggravated by exercise, the muscles appear top better absorb sugar in the blood. >> we had a meal and blood sugar levels go up. and the muscle is very large tissue in the body that's able to take that glucose up and keep the blood glucose levels down and under control, and for a period of hours after the exercise. >> athletes have long timed their exercise and eating to x maximize their absorption of sugars. the study showed the same principal works when applied to people with type ii diabetes. >> the research teams now looking at the escs of other forms of exercise, also, the long-term effect of different workouts. they say that the findings underscore the importance of the time can and intensity of exercise and should be considered especially by those suffering or vulnerable to type ii diabetes. for me and the newshour team,
2:58 pm
thanks. ♪
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